an interior design solution for all budgets and timelines

At Inside Stories no project is too large or too small. We can find a solution for all budgets and timelines that will fit your needs. With five talented local Denver based interior designers and the support from Devon Tobin and Miranda Cullen, all projects types are accepted. Projects can range from selecting the finishes for a kitchen remodel, to furnishing a new home, micro decorating to designing your new office space.

Inside Stories Services Interior Design Denver Colorado


Whether you are building a home, remodeling, or simply updating furnishings, the residential offering caters to every detail of interior design. Space planning, furniture layout, color palette, light selections, window treatments, furnishings – you name it we can help.

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Commercial & Hospitality

Let us assist you in redesigning your corporate or commercial office space, your restaurant, or hotel. Common areas, dining spaces, offices, suites – we can help you create a seamless environment that aligns with your company’s brand and vision.

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Model Homes

Are you a developer that needs help designing your model homes? We have designed many model homes throughout the front range. Whether it’s one model home or a long list of them, we have the capacity to take them all on.

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see below for smaller, micro design services that we offer

Accessory shopping and styling inside stories interior design service

Accessory Shopping & Styling

We always say that a space is never fully completed without the “smalls”. Let us take your space from 90% complete to fully completed with the implementation of accessories for your home.

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architectural plan review by Inside Stories

Architectural Plan Review

Reviewing architectural house plans can be difficult if you do not know what to look for. Residential and commercial clients alike often need advice to ensure plans reflect adequate room for furniture and movement throughout the space.

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art consulting and acquisition services interior design Inside Stories Colorado

Art Consulting & Acquisition

If you need help finding the best art that will fit your house, our designers can help. We offer art consulting, in-house procurement and art installation for all project types.

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fixed finish selection denver

Fixed Finish Selection

Whether you need help with a remodel or a new home that you’re looking to build, let us help you with the selection of your fixed finishes. Fixed finishes include items such as tile, hardwood flooring, faucets, hardware, etc.

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Furniture layout and space planning service inside stories interior design colorado

Furniture Layout & Space Planning

Need help with your living room layout? Let us come into your space and take full measurements of both the space and existing items. With your vision we will help develop a new furniture plan or space plan of your existing pieces, a mix of new and existing pieces, or all new items.

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Furniture selection service interior design Inside Stories Colorado

Furniture Selection

Our Denver based designers can help you find and buy any furniture, fixtures or equipment needed. If you prefer a full-service approach, our in-house procurement department can help facilitate the buying process.

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moving relocation design service 2

New Home Relocation Service

Are you planning on relocating to Colorado? We can help you move smarter by space planning in advance and saving you time, frustration and at the end of the day money. Our designers can help fit your existing furniture with your new space before you move. We will make sure each piece of furniture fits before it’s packed and shipped; if it doesn’t fit, you can donate it or sell it prior to your move. Additional furniture can be purchased and planned locally so by the time you move everything is ready.

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paint palette ad color consulting service inside stories interior design colorado

Paint Palette & Color Consulting

Our team at Inside Stories believe that a fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference in a space. Let’s make sure together that the color choice is the right one for your home.

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single space full design

Single Space Full Design

Feeling like only one area of your home needs to be updated? We can provide a full design for a single space that will still flow with the adjacent spaces of your home. From your outdated kitchen to the unorganized 4-car garage, we can design it.

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