Fixed Finish Selection

Whether you need help with a remodel or a new home that you’re looking to build, let us help you with the selection of your fixed finishes. Fixed finishes include items such as tile, hardwood flooring, faucets, hardware, etc.

Let Us Take The Hassle Out of the Process

While in theory, it might sound easy to select these items, it can actually be quite overwhelming with all of the options that are available to you. There can also be challenging decisions like making sure that all fixed finishes throughout your house complement each other or how to know if you’re selecting finishes that will withstand the kind of wear and tear that is typical for your home. We can help overcome all of these hassles by asking you questions up front to determine how hard you may live in your home and what kind of overall feel you want in your space. You might think you’re drawn to those rich mahogany floors, but then once we help you realize that mahogany is too warm for the neutral and cool color palette you crave, you’ll feel better that we helped you from making an expensive mistake.

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