Fixed Finish Designer Selection

Whether you need help with a remodel, renovation or a new custom home, let us help you with your fixed finish selections. Fixed finishes, a.k.a. anything that sticks with the house if you were to turn it upside down and shake it, are permanent fixtures that you will need to love for years to come. Our fixed finishes designers in Denver can assist with items such as tile, hardwood flooring, faucets, hardware, etc.

Let Us Take The Hassle Out of the Process

While in theory, it might sound easy to select fixed finishes, it can instead be quite overwhelming with all of the options that are available to you. You will also need to think about all of the fixed finishes as a whole to ensure a cohesive design throughout the entire home. Inside Stories fixed finishes designers in Denver can help guide you to making the appropriate selections based on your budget, how you live in your home, and what your desired aesthetic is. This service can ensure that you do not make costly mistakes by selecting the wrong finishes.

Not sure how to choose the best designer hard wood flooring? No problem, we got you! Contact Inside Stories today to schedule an appointment with one of our professional interior designers.

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