Commercial Office Interior Design

Let Inside Stories assist you in redesigning your corporate or commercial office space, your restaurant, or hotel. Common areas, dining spaces, offices, suites – we can help you create a seamless environment that aligns with your company’s brand and vision. Please take a look at our Commercial Office Interior Design portfolio options to get some extra inspiration for your next project.

Corporate Office Space Design in Denver

Whether your interior design needs are for a boutique hotel or for a corporate office space design in Denver, we can help based on desired capacity, function, and building codes. The way we begin the design process for commercial and hospitality spaces is very similar to the way we would begin the process for the design of your home. One of our credentialed Denver interior designers will come to you and help to visualize your corporate office space design by discussing your desired aesthetic, your functional needs, and other desires for your project. Your dedicated Inside Stories interior designer will take full measurements of your space to determine each individual space’s desired functionality and prepare to space plan. Once we have full measurements of your space, your designer will work with you to determine each individual space’s desired functionality. They will work with you directly to identify your overall desired budget so we know how best to accommodate these functions.

Design Implementation

After considering all desires and needs for your commercial office interior design, your assigned interior designer will create a full design plan. The design will then be handed off to you, with the option to either implement it on your own or utilize our purchasing department. If you do decide to implement your design through Inside Stories, you can expect all items to be delivered and installed via a white glove delivery service.

Contact our Inside Stories designers today and learn more about all the opportunities there are for your new corporate office space design in Denver!

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