New Home Relocation Service

Have you decided to make one of our amazing Colorado cities your home? Well, CONGRATS! Now let’s get you in your new home.

Let’s be honest, moving sucks. Why not bring our expert team in to make it easier? Our Inside Stories Denver-based interior designers can help you move smarter by space planning in advance, saving you time, frustration, and money.

Relocation Preparation

One of our credentialed interior designers will work with you to measure and take inventory of your existing furniture. They will then go to your new home and take full measurements of every space. All measurements and items will be imported into our design software (AutoCAD) to see the space from an aerial perspective and organize your existing pieces into your new home.

If additional items are needed, your Inside Stories designer will work with you to determine what those pieces would look like based on how you function within your space and your preferred budget. We can then assist in the procurement of your additional furniture before your big move. Once we have the new plan in place and we are aware of the furniture pieces that will not be used in your design, we can create a list so those items can be sold or donated prior to moving, saving on hassle and shipping costs.

Start A Project

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moving relocation design service
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