If you need help curating an art collection that accurately reflects your personality and style, regardless of cost, our team of Denver designers can help! We offer interior art consulting, in-house procurement and art installation for all project types.

Interior Art Consulting in Denver

Art in any style or scale can have a dramatic effect on a room design both in making a statement, setting a tone, or highlighting your personal style. Whether it is a gallery wall for your bedroom or a sculpture for your business office, finding the perfect piece of art can add value and personality to your space. While some of our clients have a specific and curated art collection, many of our clients just want pieces they enjoy that complement their home.


But the problem when it comes to sourcing artwork is that it can be incredibly time consuming. That is where our art selection & acquisition services come in! We take the time to source beautiful pieces that will perfectly complement your space and adhere to your budget.


If you are in the market for higher end pieces from local art galleries or works from a production art company, we have the resources to locate and acquire the perfect pieces for your project. Our team of designers are experts in sourcing art pieces that complement any home and design style. Contemporary, vintage, eclectic, post-modern, and everything in between! They will be able to take into consideration your home, taste, and space available and find one-of-a-kind artwork that you will appreciate and enjoy for many years.


Get in touch with Inside Stories to schedule your in-home interior art consulting appointment. Have questions or want to learn more about how artwork can enhance your home design? Contact our design team to set up an appointment!


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