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To some, it’s a floor plan. To us, it’s a blank page waiting to be made into something truly special. See how we’ve done just that inside rooms, spaces and entire homes of all shapes and sizes.

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interior & home design portfolios

We’re all about the big picture

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When it comes to interior design, visual representation is essential. Our interior and home design portfolio is our calling card. We are immensely proud of our team's work and are honored to have you here to view it. Our portfolio is divided into defined categories to help you navigate our projects. “Residential” consists of full or mostly full home projects and relates to the majority of our clients. “Residential X” are our larger luxury projects that are headed by owner Miranda Cullen (and where you are certain to find some “wow” moments.) The “micro-design” portion of our business varies but often involves the design of single spaces. Lastly, “resimercial” is what we have adoringly coined our commercial interior design projects which we curate to mimic the welcoming feeling that residential home designs provide. With many people spending the majority of their time at the office, it should be as comfortable a space as any.
When viewing our interior design portfolio, keep in mind that our tailored process focuses on each client’s particular needs and vision. The variety in our projects is a direct reflection of each individual’s unique preferences. Every visitor to our portfolio will find something to inspire them, and ultimately, isn't that the goal?