Interior Accessory Shopping & Styling

We always say that a space is never fully completed without accessories, or what we love to refer to as the “smalls” incorporated in a room design. The implementation of carefully selected accessories helps give a space that completed look that ties the whole design together. We will work with you to take your space from 90% to picture-perfect with the implementation of “smalls”. Our Inside Stories decorative interior designers are professional shoppers and know where to go to curate the best smalls for your home that reflect you, your unique home, and your personal style.

Decorative Interior Designers

What’s the biggest difference between a model home and a home someone lives in? Besides the obvious things like possible stacks of mail, it’s the personal touches, or the “smalls”. Smalls come in many forms – from decorative frames to showcase your beloved family photos, to unique votives to layer into your bookshelves. We feel that a house never fully feels like a home without these personal touches. And you never have to worry about your accessories looking over-done or generic, our talented designers excel in sourcing unique pieces that suit any space or design so that your home is just as unique as you are! Our decorative interior designers are excited to talk with you about their interior accessory styling expertise and get your project started. It is all about the big picture & the small details.

Re-working What’s Existing

We can also help style your existing accessories, or even mix the existing ones in with new accessories. Family heirlooms, or sentimental pieces can be used as inspiration when sourcing your other home accessories to achieve a seamless design. Sometimes reworking the existing art and accessories in your home can create an entirely new feel for your space. Let us help you give your space new life!


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Interior Accessory Styling in Denver with Inside Stories Decorative Interior Designers