Accessory Shopping & Styling

We always say that a space is never fully completed without the “smalls”. Let us take your space from 90% complete to fully completed with the implementation of accessories for your home.

Let Us Add the "Smalls"

What’s the biggest difference between a model home and a home someone lives in? Besides the obvious things like possible messes and stacks of mail, it’s the personal touches. These are what we refer to as the “smalls” – accessories for your home. Smalls come in many forms – from decorative frames to house your family photos, to small sculptures to fill the gaps in your bookshelves. We feel that a house never fully feels like a home without these personal touches.

Re-working What's Existing

We can also help style your existing accessories, or even mix the existing ones in with new accessories. Sometimes reworking the existing art and accessories in your home can create an entirely new feel for your space. Let us help you give your space new life!

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