Design for YOUR Budget

When you think of “interior design”, budget-friendly is probably the last phrase that comes to mind. Enter Inside Stories. The Denver, Colorado-based interior design company was founded on the idea that interior design should be accessible to everyone. And we mean everyone.


Denver interior designer Inside Stories working within your design budget


Inside Stories was formed by Miranda Cullen when her luxury design company was forced to say “no” to the smaller projects that were coming through the door. Seeing this business sauntering away sparked a thought. “What if we had a team of designers that could take on projects of any size?” BOOM. Inside Stories was born. With a talented group of designers behind her, Miranda was able to take on larger luxury projects, as well as smaller projects that would be divvied up based on the needs and availability of the designers. This level of flexibility had never been seen in the world of design before. Growth soon followed as the company no longer had to turn away clients. With a wide range of offerings, those looking to spice up their homes could find exactly what they were looking for.


Using this model of accessible design, Inside Stories has opened it’s doors to all kinds of diverse design needs. This means that the budget has some air to breathe as well. While our designers start at an hourly rate, the cost from there is dependent on our client’s specific project, scope, and timeline. We are able to accommodate the home renovator that wants custom touches at every corner while also attending to the new homeowners that simply want to update their powder bath. You hold the map, we just help with the directions.


Denver interior designer Inside Stories working within your design budget


Another aspect that Inside Stories is especially proud of is our transparency. From your first meeting with us, we will work to figure out exactly what you are looking for in terms of your dream project and scope. From there, we will work backward into how that will translate into your preferred budget and timeline. If you are looking for “yes” people who will just tell you what you want to hear, then you’ve come to the wrong place. We want the expectations to be clear from day one. This ensures that both you and your designers are set up for success. When we can have honest conversations about what is within grasp for our client’s unique project, we can properly align expectations.


Our team of experienced designers also has many ways of stretching your budget once we have worked with you to discover where your priorities lie. If you want top-of-the-line fixed finishes within your defined budget, your designer may suggest reworking some of your existing furniture into the mix to keep the budget on track. With our combined decades of experience, we have creative solutions for just about any hiccup along the way.


Denver interior designer Inside Stories working within your design budget



Since we are able to take projects room by room or even wall by wall, this means that your timeline can have more flexibility as well. How does this affect your budget? If your dream design involves four rooms in your home but your current budget does not, then we can phase out your project. We will work with you to price out which rooms are the best options for now and plan for the remaining rooms in the next phase of your project so the funds are not all allocated at once. This could end up being three, four, or more phases. Whatever works for you, works for us.