If Its Broken, Fix It!

With the unsteady and unreasonable housing market, many Americans are choosing to stay put until they can see interest rates decrease. Rather than viewing this as a negative, use this as an excuse to explore the potential of your current space. If moving is not an option, let us help you renovate your home to meet your current functional demands. Here are a few reasons why to fix it before you nix it.



Money Well Spent

Renovations not only improve your standard of living while you’re the primary resident but can also increase your resale value. Making functional adjustments only adds to the home’s resume come selling time. The decision to renovate is a short AND long-term investment. Go YOU!


Interest Rates are Anything but Interesting

The last few years have been turbulent to say the least. A perfect example of this comes in the form of the housing market. Between the Covid-fueled home-price increases, to the current mortgage rates, home buying has gotten less and less enticing. Instead of settling for fewer houses for more money, consider leveraging what you already have. If staying within your current four walls sounds like a prison sentence, maybe you need the proper guidance to help you re-imagine them. Enter Inside Stories.



Our Favorite “F” Word…Function

Many people assume that interior design is synonymous with interior decorating…but you know what they say about assuming. Decoration certainly plays an integral role in the finished product, but design goes much deeper. We start from the foundation and work our way up. Your home’s layout is one of, if not THE, most important element. If the architecture is not functional for you and your family, decoration will accomplish very little. Think of it this way; if your hand is broken, it doesn’t matter how cute your nail polish is.



While this seems like a big undertaking, you will not be doing it alone. Hiring a professional firm, such as Inside Stories, ensures an effective and thoughtful approach. Rather than seeing your postponed home search as a detriment, try to think of your dream home as a right under your feet. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll uncover it.


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