Our Process

Stop. Collaborate and Listen!


One of the biggest questions we get at Inside Stories is about our design process and collaborative approach. While that question seems simple enough, the reality is far from it. Our carefully thought-out process comes from years of trials and tribulations. Our Denver-Colorado-based interior design firm has figured out the winning combination to successfully implement beautiful and functional interiors that make our client’s dream homes come to life. The secret to our success is our step-by-step process below.


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Our process begins with getting to know you since you are the biggest piece of the puzzle. We schedule your in-home consultation to interact with you in your space and determine what your project objectives.

We not only need to know what you want your home to look like but also how each space in your home needs to function for you and your family. Once you and your experienced designer have agreed on your desired project scope, we will discuss the nitty-gritty details such as your preferred timeline and, most importantly, your budget. Our goal is to be aligned on all expectations prior to implementation.  This alignment is the key to a  mutually successful partnership.

This next step is the foundation for an effective process and where we need to lean in on you!  We will provide you with our ever-important “homework” templates.  You probably weren’t expecting to hear that word again after graduation, but we promise this time around will be much easier and certainly more fun!  We use the information that we gather from you as visual aids to help decipher what your personal style is, along with your wants and needs for your space.  Our curated design will be all about YOU so we need to know what makes you light up and what makes you tick.  Our ability to pull together a design specific to your tastes is largely dependent on the time and effort that you dedicate to this phase of your project.  With so many choices out there, we are here to act like a personal filter to present a design that reflects you.  We will review your homework in person at our Programming Meeting so, give us you’re A+ effort!


Denver Interior Design Inside Stories Modern Designer


After a successful programming meeting, your designer will have all they need to get started.  They will take all of the information they have learned about you and your project, head back to our design studio, and start on a design that has YOU written all over it!  We have one of the largest resource libraries in all of Denver. This library coupled with our secret weapon, collaboration, is the reason that our designs are so creative and unique.  With an open office full of bright, experienced designers, collaboration is constant. While you will have one talented designer as your main contact, behind the scenes you will have the expertise of the Inside Stories team collaborating on your project.  With decades of combined experience, it is the best way to reach the best design possible for your project. Your final design presentation will be the product of many creative minds working together to achieve all of your desired goals.  After we have assembled a beautiful visual presentation and scaled floorplan, we are ready for your Final Presentation, which we can host at our beautiful Littleton, Colorado office or unveil in the comfort of your own home.

With your final design approved, we are now at the purchasing portion of the process. If you chose the “wholesale” design route, congrats!  This route allows us to specify from the thousands of wholesale vendors that we have in our library giving you the most authentic and curated design possible. With this option, we will do the heaving lifting for you with regards to your furniture orders.  Our in-house Purchasing Coordinators will place and track every order.  They work closely with our I.S. Warehouse manager on all items that come in to be sure they are carefully inspected and stored safely.  We house your design attributes until the time comes to bring in our white glove delivery company to install your items.  This is when the magic happens.  Your installation will typically take 1-2 days depending on the size of your project.  We make your beds, clean each surface, and even fill your soap dispenser. No small detail is missed.  When we say we are as full service as you need us to be, we mean it!

If you have selected the “do-it-yourself route”, that works too!  Once we hand the design over to you, you can start placing your orders and getting ready for some boxes. Have no fear, we can help with this as well.  We offer additional services when it’s time to make sure everything is in its proper spot and every last accessory has a home.  Please be prepared to have patience and free time with this route as it can become very time consuming.

While our process can seem rigid to some, it is tested and proven successful when it’s the right process for you. Our process is buttoned up, but our creativity is very “out of the box”. That’s the way we like it!


Denver Interior Design Inside Stories Modern Designer


At the end of the day, our process comes down to one thing, how we successfully make your dream design happen within your preferred budget and timeline. You are always our priority throughout the entire journey. We are a company built on flexibility, but we want to be sure that your questions and concerns are always being addressed. Remember, it is your story told by our storytellers.