Why Smalls are a Big Deal

Have you recently completed a home renovation and found your space feeling sparse? You most likely need to complete the crucial final step; the smalls, aka accessories. Just as an outfit feels lacking without a belt, jewelry, or an incredible pair of shoes, your home also craves these detailed features. A design is unfinished until the last “small” is placed. These final details elevate a space and set it apart from every other. Here are a few reasons why you should complete the final phase of your design and accessorize.



1. Tell YOUR Story

Our favorite accessories are pieces that clients have held near and dear for years. Whether they are hand-me-downs from a loved one or treasures collected from a fondly remembered trip, each decorative element tells a story that is personal to them. Having these items artfully displayed enhances the feeling of being at home. Now all your meaningful trinkets can be part of a dedicated display so you can interact with them daily.


2. Feel Finished

An empty coffee table or bare built-in bookshelf leave the eye yearning for visual completion. If the thought of that is overwhelming, we don’t blame you. But fear no more! Our experts have years of practice under their belt. They are skillfully versed in the art of balance and cohesion in design. Height, color, and repetition all play important roles when it comes to displayed items. Leave it to us to carefully curate the most prominent displays in your home.


3. Fashion & Function

Similar to our team, accessories are more than just pretty. They serve a much greater purpose we can all appreciate; organization. Whether it’s a tray that reigns in your bathroom soaps and lotions, or a small decorative box in the living room that hides your cumbersome remotes, these small touches ensure everything has a dedicated spot. Where there is a will, there is an accessorized way!


4. Cost-Effective Makeover

Are you happy with your home but craving a refresher? Mixing up your accessories is a low-maintenance, cost-effective way to elevate your home’s design and leave it feeling brand new. The team at Inside Stories can show you where to start and how to make it impactful. We carefully curate our selections based on your stylistic and functional needs. And we accomplish this within almost any budget. It’s a small investment for a big reward.



If your long-anticipated home project is nearing fruition, be sure it makes it past the finish line. The addition of accessories takes your home from good to great.