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This K9 crystal is hand-cut to surface faceted texture that bounces light in all directions. Real, shiny brass adds chic accent on top. CB2 exclusive.

Plato Grey Velvet Sofa

Hollywood glam is beautifully defined with the TOV Furniture Plato velvet sofa. Its sloping silhouette, gold legs and luxurious upholstery, make this sofa a true statement piece.

Eada Coffee Table

The Made Goods Eada is a playful take on the faux shagreen coffee table. The teardrop-shaped piece is fully finished in this luxurious material, which highlights the panels' unique patterns. It can sit on its own as a side table, or be placed together to form a larger clover-like piece.


"Liquid Mirrors” is an ongoing project— started in late 2012— where I use mylar to photograph the reflections of my subjects. I am mimicking the medium of oil painting through a digital practice, while speaking about reflections and how they distort our perceptions of reality." - Jordan Tiberio, Artist

Deco Bed

With a curved silhouette and Art Deco-inspired motifs in its iron frame, this artistically designed bed is the perfect spot to display layered quilts, blankets, and comfy bedding.

Tacchini Edizioni, Round Wall-Mounted Framed Mirror

The mirror is an object filled with meaning, an object and, at the same time, a reflection: just like a jewel which is both an ornament and the reflection of a personality.‎ Inspired by this similarity, Giorgio Bonaguro designed the Soleil mirror like a jewel for the wall, considering details like wearability and how it hangs.‎ Like a pendant, the mirror is suspended by an elegant leather cord, typical of luxury leather goods, woven through the gold frame to create an interplay of reflections and shadows on the mirrored surface.‎ A tastefully intricate object for those who adore sophisticated details.‎