What Color Should I Paint My Room?

What is the best color for each room in your house?

One of the most frequently asked question by both our interior design and decorating clients and friends alike is what color they should paint _____ room. This is a challenging question to answer since every person has different tastes and every space is different. But, below you will see answers to some of our tried and true paint colors based on a few key rooms.

What color should I paint my living room?

Generally speaking, most people’s living rooms are one of the larger rooms in their homes. Therefore, a more subtle color is typically key.

Whether it be a cooler grey, a warmer beige or even a stark white, we suggest adding a pop of personality with either painted built-in shelving or utilizing the magic of wallpaper. Wallpaper as an accent wall, or even peeking out from the back of a built-in is the perfect way to add interest to an otherwise expansive and colorless (wall) space.

What color should I paint my living room? Inside Stories Interior Design Denver Firm
What color should I paint my kitchen? Inside Stories Interior Design Denver Firm

What color should I paint my kitchen?

If you’re looking for a timeless kitchen that can never go wrong, then don’t be afraid to go back to the basics. While our residential interior designers love a fun and funky colorful kitchen, a clean classic white kitchen is our go-to. Yes, we know that white is a typical color to see in this central space, but that’s because it works.

Bring the pizzazz to your kitchen with a stunning countertop and backsplash, funky colored cabinetry or statement light fixtures. A white kitchen yells CLEAN and TIDY – two things that are quite desirable for a space where you are handling food.

Does a stark white on your kitchen walls scare you? Then go with a lighter and faint hue. Leave the deep reds and moody blues for a different room.

What color should I paint my bedroom?

For most people, their bedroom is their sanctuary – it’s where they go to rest and recharge. It’s a space that should make you feel calm and relaxed. But, when it comes to paint color, this is a very personal choice.

There is definitely an element of psychology behind color and mood, so we suggest colors in bedrooms that make you personally feel relaxed and calm. While most people lean towards cooler colors like greens and blues to bring them serenity, maybe a bold wallpaper on your headboard wall or ceiling is what does it for you.

Our luxury interior designers have painted bedrooms black, grey, every shade of blue, and beyond. When it comes to painting your bedroom, let your zen imagination go wild.

What color should I paint my bedroom? Inside Stories Interior Design Denver Firm

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