How do I prepare for my consultation?

There are a few different things you can bring to your consultation to help lay the groundwork with your designer and get yourself started on the right foot. The goal this initial meeting is to discuss topics like your project goals, personal style, and things like budget and timeline. Additional items you can bring help expedite that process and give your designer a better picture of the scope of your project and working together.


A few suggestions of things to bring are:

-Inspiration photos (pinterest, magazines, Ads, etc.)

-Floor plans of your current space

-Photos of your current space

-A mood board

-Social media posts of projects you like

-Personal items that will be factored into the new design (family heirlooms, furniture pieces, artwork.)


Why it's helpful:

These items will help you and your designer start on the same page and give them a clear idea of what they are working with and what you are trying to achieve. And it helps us learn a little bit about your personal style and your functional goals!


If you don’t have inspiration at hand or are stuck between a few directions you want your design to go, no problem! Our designers will work with you to navigate your preferences and narrow down your style in order to curate a space that is the best reflection of you and your home.


Another suggestion prior to your consultation is to explore the portfolio page on our website. Our portfolio is filled with a variety of different homes, projects, and design styles making it a great place to get inspired. We encourage you to glance through and make note of certain projects or design elements that jump out to you or that you would want to see reflected in your own space.