Can I start a project outside of Colorado?

Yes! We work on projects throughout the United States. Whether it’s a full-time residence, commercial property, vacation home, or smaller scale design services, we can work with clients to accomplish a project no matter the distance.


How it works:

Meet with a designer in-person or virtually for an initial consultation. In this meeting you will go over your current space, goals, budget, ideas, timeline, and your personal style.

Once you decide to move forward, site photos and measurements will be collected on site either by someone on the design team or by a local third party. From there your designer will be able to get to work curating a new design for your space!

The beauty of the 21st century is the technology! To make sure that you and your design team are on the same page, consistent communication will be enacted weekly through phone, video, and email. That way you discuss details of your design without the hassle of traveling.

In order to combat distance challenges, local contractors and vendors will be hired in your specific area. This allows you to have a local contact point and resources in your area should questions or concerns arise.

Your designer will oversee your installation to ensure that your project is executed efficiency and flawlessly. This will also allow them to address and correct any challenges that may arise in order to keep your project on track.


Key to success

The key to success when completing an out-of-state project is simply our thoroughness, consistent communication, and effective project management.

Check out some of our recent projects that were completed outside of Colorado. Don’t let distance deter you; no matter where you live, we will be able to work with you to provide expertise and interior design services. Ready to start a project?

More Questions?

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