Transitioning to Fall

Pumpkin spice, crunching leaves, and crisp air can only mean one thing; fall is upon us once again. As we bundle up for sweater weather, we look around our home of lemons and linens, realizing it might be time for our surroundings to follow the transition. Here are some adjustments that we make to prepare for the next season.

1. Right Under Your Nose


That crisp breeze through the trees will not be the only new scent hitting our noses as we voyage into fall. With the cool air comes a unique variety of smells both outdoor and in. We trade the fresh summer scents in for spicier alternatives with hints of cinnamon and cardamom. The smell of coffee returns as we combat the morning briskness with a warm latte rather than the summertime cold brew.


inside stories denver colorado interior designer fall transition from summer trends




2. A Rose by Any Other Name


We say goodbye to the lilac trees and tulips and welcome more jeweled toned varietals such as mums. The chilled September nights prompt us to remove the flowers that do not stand up to the freezing temperatures and replace them with more sustainable options such as succulents, kale, and even a sprinkling of faux florals. The added visual interest helps the containers at the entrance of the home not lose their curb appeal through the cool months. September is also the time to begin preparations for next year’s spring blossoms by planting perennial bulbs, such as tulips.



inside stories denver colorado interior designer fall transition from summer trends


3. Reset


The Fall Equinox, which represents a balance among the seasons, landed on September 22nd this year. As the rest of the world starts to slow down, take this as a gentle reminder to take this approach personally. Use the equinox as an excuse to honor the past season and set intentions for the one ahead. Reset and check in with yourself and your environment. 


4. Textiles


While many think it is required to swap out deco pillows for fall alternatives, we do not follow this rule of thumb. Custom-made investment lows can be a year-round decorative item. Instead, we will transition our bedding. With a darker, more saturated duvet cover taking the place of the summer whites, the bed will feel brand new. We also suggest swapping out dish towels, another easy trade that will instantly bring about the feeling of fall. Lastly, while it is not quite time for flannel, opting for a percale or sateen sheet set rather than summer’s uniform of linen can make the bed a welcomed cocoon as the nightly temperature drops.


denver colorado interior designer Halloween decorating pumpkins



5. Seasonal vs. Holiday


The other item we pull out of hibernation is seasonal décor. Nothing says fall quite like a beautiful array of tastefully placed pumpkins and gourds. We need to make one significant distinction when discussing fall decoration; seasonal does not equal holiday. An experienced interior designer will choose items that have longevity. While those plastic jack-o-lanterns may have a lengthy shelf-life, they do not lend to the feeling of classic style. Layering fresh seasonal produce with darker florals such as mums translates as fall foliage rather than screaming Halloween. Quality over quantity is critical in this distinction. We know all too well how much the neighborhood wildlife loves the cornucopia of fresh produce on the porch, so to keep the squirrels and like at bay, try covering them in a liquid repellent.


The excitement of summer has come to a close. It is now time to take a deep breath of the crisp September air and set our intentions towards the future, pumpkin spice latte in hand.

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