The New Nursery

We all have experienced our fair share of changes over the past year and a half. Being cooped up inside with our significant others proved to be a new relationship test we never anticipated. This hibernation resulted in many household adjustments and new ways to pass the time while maintaining some sanity. More than nine months later, we are finding many more families in need of a recent room renovation. Nurseries are on the rise again, and we are here to discuss some thoughts on how to make this space exciting with room to grow.

denver colorado interior designer nursery design

Stay Neutral

The days of pink and blue are numbered. Instead of giving the room a defined identity, neutral tones such as sage green or misty grey keep the theme open while giving the room a distinct and sophisticated palette. This adaptable color scheme allows growth into the space. As your child ages, the timeless wall color stays relevant.

denver colorado interior designer nursery design

Pop of Print

While staying neutral is always a classic idea, nothing is quite as fun as a whimsical wall. If the nursery needs more personality, using a fun wallpaper is the perfect answer. There are endless options that inspire the imagination. Children love colors, so applying something more attention-grabbing is excellent for their wandering minds. We suggest doing wallpaper in a fashion that can transition from childhood into teen years by selecting a playful print with a more refined palette such as jewel or earth tones.


Once the room has a coat of paint, if the wallpaper feels too extreme, it is a great idea to employ textures instead. This concept can come in many forms, such as wood slats. Adding a wall of shiplap adds to the room’s interest but does not overwhelm the senses as some wallpaper can do. Texture can also be achieved on a smaller scale such as swapping out painted artwork for wooden designs.

Double Duty

When tight on spare rooms, design the nursery to work double time. The nursery can now be used as a guest room when entertaining guests by adding a pull-out couch to the space. It is excellent seating when the room is in use but utilizes the area to its full capabilities.


We hope this helps create a unique space for years to come. There is nothing more rewarding than parenthood, and the room where this connection grows should foster this love effortlessly.