Size Doesnt Matter

Most interior design companies focus their energy on only large projects such as full home renovations. While this may be lucrative for them, they send the majority of design projects away with no one to turn to. Enter Inside Stories. We started with the objective of welcoming projects of all shapes and sizes. We are basically the woke design option. We termed these smaller space interior design projects lovingly “micro-design”.  If you are looking for further details on some of our micro offerings, read on or contact us to schedule an interior design consultation. You might see an option that you didn’t even realize you needed.


Inside Stories Denvre interior design services


Art Selection & Acquisition

Art is one of the most personal items in your home. We are of the belief that art should speak to you. But if you find yourself speaking a different language, we can help. We source art from thousands of vendors that have incredibly diverse offerings. We will work with you to develop your personal style and from there, can show you some narrowed-down art selections that will not only speak to your unique taste but also work cohesively in your space. Two birds, one painting. When it comes time to make the crucial decision of where to hang each piece, we can step in again. Whether it’s a gallery wall or the fireplace focal point, our small space interior designers can help with the exact placement of each item.


Inside Stories Denver interior design services


Accessories Shopping & Styling

The “cherry on top” to any space is the “smalls”. These are often the hardest to source and style…until you call us. Home accessories are our love language. Using your space and style as our inspiration, we will work to make every empty crevice a comfortable home to the perfect “smalls.” These are not only what we can find from our vendors but also any smaller meaningful items that you already own. These often end up awkwardly on a shelf with not much rhyme or reason, but we are experts are finding their rhythm in your home. This step does take trust, but we promise you won’t be disappointed.


Inside Stories Denver interior design services


Furniture Purchasing & Installation

We’ve all watched the design shows that feature homeowners walking back into their converted home with pure shock at their unrecognizable space. If you have ever dreamt of this experience for you and your family, consider this your golden ticket. If you are still using your dated sectional or completely missing a bed frame, give us a call. We will send you a style questionnaire so we can learn your unique taste and design a room of updated furniture that fits your aesthetic and functional needs. Once you see the possibilities of your home furniture, you can sit back and wait for it to come to life. Our in-house purchasing team will order, track, and install every single one of your items. We will also deal with vendors if any issues arise during this process. An installation date will be set once almost all of your items have arrived in pristine condition. We will have our team white-glove deliver and install each piece in its new home. All you’ll have to do is come home to a new space and let it all sink in.


Inside Stories Denver interior design services


Written on the Walls

Some people can look at a paint deck and perfectly imagine which colors combine to make a perfect combination in a specific area of their home. If that sounds like nothing like you, you’re not alone. Colors are extremely specific to the viewer. With our design homework, we can help you narrow down your color taste and then move that into your space, so it works seamlessly with your existing design. If something funkier is on the menu for you, look no further than wallpaper. “Extensive” doesn’t even do our wallpaper library justice. Any color, texture, and print can be found at our studio. Once we have your design homework, we will have a first-hand look into your unique style so we will be able to pull options that perfectly blend your style and your home aesthetic. We will hold your hand as you take the wallpaper plunge.


Inside Stories Denver interior design services


Window Treatments

If you are ready to move past the white flimsy blinds of your college days but are not sure what the options are, give us a call. The world of window coverings is far more complicated than one would expect for such a basic function. Functioning roman, valance, and finials are just a few of the common terms you’ll encounter when looking at treatments. We can give you the Reader’s Digest version and explain the pros and cons of each diverse covering option. Together we can pick which would be best for your needs. Once the technical piece is complete, we’ll move on to the fun part. The options for colors, textures, and patterns are endless. We can help you narrow down the fabrics best for your needs and space. Window treatments should be looked at as functional art. They take up so much room in your home and you see them daily. Let us help you pick the perfect piece.


Inside Stories Denver interior design services


Get Your Space is Lit

Are you frustrated every time you flip on your light switch? If your room’s illumination is not up to your standards, our small space interior designers can help. Light fixtures can be an overwhelming change to take on. You must choose not only your stylistic wants but also your functional needs. We have decades of combined experience sorting through all the fixtures out there to find the perfect lit addition to your home.


Inside Stories Denver interior design services


Right Under Your Nose

Not all difficult design options are in front of you. Some are right under your nose. Rugs often take up the most area of any other home design item. Therefore, choosing the right rug for your space can be stressful. Rugs come in all shapes and sizes, but we are experts in narrowing down the perfect one for you. Call us for the perfect selection to rest your feet on.


Inside Stories interior design rug selection Denver, Colorado


Our mission is to make interior design accessible to everyone. No matter what your design needs, we likely have a service that would be perfect for you. Give our small space interior designers a call to see the full potential of your home.