Leopard Plays Nice

When you think of leopard print, what comes to mind? The skinny belt you use to cinch your favorite dress? The pointed-toe booties you wear endlessly in Fall? While this timeless trend has made itself at home in our closets, it is ready to come out and play.

Despite originating from a fearsome feline, leopard print should not be intimidating. Similar to a plaid or stripe, you should think of leopard as a neutral. We constantly see it take on this persona when used with apparel, so do not think of it any differently in your home.

Interior designers denver colorado leopard

Where you can see it play up its personality is in the many options we have for leopard in interiors. In all the ways leopard can differentiate itself, it does. You can stick with the conventional black and brown, but you also have the option to go abstract. Leopard comes in any color, pattern and size. There are no rules. The best part is no matter what leopard variation catches your eye, it can easily be incorporated with your interior style regardless of what that might be. Whether you like traditional, modern or transitional, this cat can find a home. The easiest way to add these spots is through textiles but something less permanent like art is always an option. It really is the print that has no limits.

If you are nervous about getting exclusive with leopard too soon, do not fret. Feel free to play the field. This jungle cat plays nice with others. It can pair seamlessly with florals, stripes, plaids, polka dots, you name it. Mixing prints is a great way to add some unexpected texture and excitement into a room.

interior designer denver colorado

Whether you are looking for a neutral rug to ground your dining space or fun bright pillows to liven up your living room, the answer is always leopard. If you are feeling stuck with your outfit or home project, look no further than this timeless trend.

All of these images have inspired our love of leopard, we hope they do the same for you.