5th Wall Makes A Comeback

Throughout history, ceilings have been a focal point in many influential designs. Whether an ornate painting of Grecian gods or a peek into the heavens in a classic cathedral, the 5th wall (the ceiling’s more informal moniker) commands our attention and adds intrigue to any space in which it inhabits. Unfortunately, such eye-catching ceilings have faded over the years, becoming nearly obsolete or even forgotten.


These once-grand features of the past have been replaced by a more flat, white and, dare we say, popcorned look. But in the hands of Denver-based Inside Stories, the 5th wall, and every wall, surface and space of the home, is given the bespoke treatment, drawing from the historical roots of design.

”The 5th wall carries a lot of weight in a home design and should be treated with as much importance as the walls and floors,” says Annika Olofsson, marketing director of Inside Stories, whose micro design services are offered as franchise opportunities throughout the United States. ”We aren’t saying that you need to hire an artist to compose a classic Greek painting on your kitchen ceiling, but there are ways you can add texture, color and pattern to your ceiling to achieve a more complete and dimensional look in your space.”


Take in Texture

Textured ceilings add depth and dimension to a space, making it feel warmer and more visually appealing. From intricate patterns to smooth textures, there are various options to choose from based on the desired effect. For those wanting to add a bit of texture but don’t want to commit to color, consider decorative elements such as shiplap, plaster or intricate molding. For a more earthy look, textures such as wood, wooden beams or concrete are a natural choice.

This project “Brindle” utilizes wood paneling throughout the home which is reminiscent of the Mid-Century Modern design style. What keeps this design timeless and is how the paneling is used alongside timeless design elements such as the sleek white sofa, the neutral color palette and stonework, and the traditional dining set. This gives the home balance among its design elements keeping it on-trend and timeless.


Make Color Count

Bold-colored ceilings have risen in popularity among homeowners as a way to add personality to a space and create a stunning contrast against other walls. For a moody vibe, consider a darker-colored paint that picks up tones from the surrounding decor. Or, if you want to go for something more colorful, pick a complementary color from your room design and use that as inspiration for your ceiling. The beauty of paint is that it can always be changed.



The Pull of Patterns

”One of our favorite ways to achieve a showstopping ceiling design is by adding patterns through tile or wallpaper,” Olofsson says. ”Metallic or mirrored tiles achieve a very polished, chic look in a space, while matte tiles convey a more cozy, rustic vibe.” When it comes to wallpaper, the sky is truly the limit. Don’t be afraid to be bold in your choices or go for big patterns or big pops of color. You might be surprised at what an amazing impact they have in a space.

”Though we no longer utilize Michelangelo’s work in our ceiling designs, the 5th wall is still considered a blank canvas in many of our home designs,” says Olofsson. Whether a bold-patterned tile, subtle molding or a moody color, the 5th wall pushes the envelope and takes spaces to brand new heights. Learn how Inside Stories is making an impact from ceiling to floor, residential to commercial, in homes across the U.S. at insidestories.com.