2022 Gift Guide

The giving season is the time when we find the most joy in finding the perfect present for someone special in our life. There are few moments quite as fulfilling as watching someone you care about opening a gift you know that they will love. Our expert Denver interior designers know that feeling well. To make your gifting season a little sweeter, we’ve compiled a list of thoughtful presents for each and every person on your list. Welcome to your 2022 Inside Stories Holiday Designer Gift Guide. Enjoy!


The Outdoors(wo)man

Always finding a twig in their hair or dirt under their nails? These gifts are perfect for that half-wolf human in your life.

Denver Interior Designer holiday gift guide outdoor gifts coffee mug

Collapsible Coffee Drip

America the Beautiful Pass

The Stanley Quencher

Cozy Knit Unisex Onesie


Bonus Stocking Stuffer:

Rechargeable LED Headlamp



The Design Lover

We hope EVERYONE has someone that fits this description on their list. These are the must-have’s on our lists!

Denver Interior Designer holiday gift guide personalized design gift card




Kelly Wearstler’s Book

A Personalized 2023 Planner

Grecian Book Ends

Book a Consultation or Working Session with a Professional Interior Designer


Bonus: Stocking Stuffer

Artisan Marble Scallop Bowl



The Bather

If they’d prefer to spend their days under the warm bath water, (who can blame them), we have all the accessories they’ll need to enhance their time above water.

Denver Interior Designer holiday gift guide self care gifts paper incense



Japanese Paper Incense

Bamboo Bathtub Caddy

Adult Bubble Bath



Bonus: Stocking Stuffer

Non-Greasy Lotion Ball



The Golfer

If their happy place is located somewhere between hole 1 and 18, we’ve got everything they need.

Denver Interior Designer holiday gift guide golf gifts whiskey glass and ice

Home Putting Green

Golfer’s BBQ Set

Golf Ball Whiskey Chillers and Whiskey Glass

Bonus: Stocking Stuffer

Golf Iron Bottle Opener



The “Didn’t-Want-The” Dog Lover

“No, absolutely not. There is no way that we are getting a dog. It’s not the right time. We’re not in the right place.”

If any of this sounds familiar and came from the mouth of the person that now cannot physically get up if said dog is on their lap, we’ve got you covered.

Denver Interior Designer holiday gift guide dog lover gifts personal picture



Durable Pet Bed

Dog DNA Test

Custom Pet Portrait


Bonus: Stocking Stuffer

Customized Dog Socks




The One Who’s Always Cold

Are the words “its FREEZING!” constantly echoed by someone close to you? Put them on mute with the following must-have gifts.

Denver Interior Designer holiday gift guide cold weather gifts knit West Elm weighted blanket



Heated Foot Warmer

Knitted Weighted Blanket

UGG Slippers


Bonus: Stocking Stuffer

Teas from Around the World Sampler



For the Self-Carer

If an optimal night consists of a full self-care routine, then they will definitely need to add these tools to their arsenal.

Denver Interior Designer holiday gift guide self care gifts face roller


Jade Roller & Gua Sha Facial Tools

Silk Pillow

Facial Ice Roller


Bonus: Stocking Stuffer

Reusable Cotton Rounds

Reusable Silicone Sheet Mask



The Health Nut

The person on your list who is always on your case about doing what’s best for your body and the environment will always has a special place in our hearts.

Give them something they’ll actually use this year.

Denver Interior Designer holiday gift guide health gifts compostable bin



Migraine Relief Cap

(Aesthetically Pleasing) Compost Bin

Air Purifier

Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

Bonus: Stocking Stuffer

Compostable Cloths


The Fitness Freak

Let’s be honest, here in Colorado, we all know one.

They’re up before the sun to make sure they can break a sweat before work.

Here are some ideas to enhance their workouts even more.

Denver Interior Designer holiday gift guide fitness gifts Vuori soft women's joggers



Ankle Weights

Theragun Mini

Vuori Joggers


Bonus: Stocking Stuffer

Pocket Belt



The Fashionista

If they’re always dressed to the nines, it might feel like there’s nothing left to give them. Don’t despair.

We’ve surveyed our local fashionistas and found a tailored list of their top gifts this year.

Denver Interior Designer holiday gift guide fashion gifts green velvet jewelry box



Fail-Proof Steamer

Personalized Tote

Leather Puff-Sleeve Blouse



Velvet Jewelry Box


The Sentimentalist

The gifts that mean the most are personal to the recipient.

Show them you really care with something different this year and get a gift specifically created just for them.

Denver Interior Designer holiday gift guide personalized gifts engraved gold ring


Personalized Coordinates Print

Personalized Cutting Board

Book of Meals and Memories

Signet Ring

Custom House Portrait

Personalized Necklace




The Workaholic

Can’t get them away from their desk? Well, at least we can help make them comfortable.

Denver Interior Designer holiday gift guide work gifts sunrise alarm clock



Blue Light Glasses

Ember Mug

Sunrise Alarm Clock






The Gamer

Get your gamer some classics to add to their collection.

Denver Interior Designer holiday gift guide gamer gifts wooden classic shoot the moon game

Hook and Ring Game

Shoot the Moon


Classic Scrabble




The Bartender

Bring your favorite craft-cocktailer the best gifts to up their bar game.

Denver Interior Designer holiday gift guide bartender gifts cocktail smoker




Personalized Wine Subscription

Easy-Pour 64oz Growler

Glass Topper Cocktail Smoker


Bonus: Stocking Stuffer

Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses





The Chef

We all need the chef in our lives.

Show them your appreciation with one of our top-rated suggestions in order to secure yourself many homemade meals to come.

Denver Interior Designer holiday gift guide chef gifts vacuum sealer


Vacuum Sealer Machine

Immersion Blender

The New York Times Best-Selling Cookbook


Bonus: Stocking Stuffer

Long Range Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer


The Couple

Two is better than one. But how do you get one show-stopping gift for two people?

Look no further.

Denver Interior Designer holiday gift guide couple gifts wooden date dice




Loveseat Camping Chair

At Home Movie Critics Chart

Harry & David Wine Pairing Collection

Bonus: Stocking Stuffer:

Date Night Dice






For the Host with the Most

If you’re sick of the run of the mill host/hostess gifts, we have a few here that will get you invited year after year.

Denver Interior Designer holiday gift guide host hostess gifts Marshall classic Bluetooth speaker stereo





(Nearly) Indestructible Plant

The All-Inclusive Charcuterie Board

Fir & Firewood Large Candle

Bluetooth Speaker






Wishing you and yours the most joyous holiday season.

We can’t wait to see you in the New Year!



The Inside Stories Design Team